Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Varaha Puranam !! Shanti Vrutham !

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Varaha Puranam describes 'Shanti Vrutham' to obtain peace and tranquility in the families.  The 
austerities begin on the Fifth day of bright half of the month  Karthik.  Worship of Lord Vishnu
 along with Adishesha is treated as propitious on this day.  Whoever fasts on the Fifth day of 
bright half of the month Karthik and continues for a year long fast on every Fifth day of bright half of
 every month brings serenity in the family.   As a part of the austerities, worship of Lord Vishnu"s
 idol with the offering of milk, performance of sacrificial fire has to be done.  As a concluding part,
 the Brahmins should be fed and given alms abundantly along with the idol of Adishesha. 
 It is believed that by performing Shanti Vrutham, the worshipper brings peace and contentment in
 the family.

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