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Almora is a hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. It is situated in the Kumaon mountains of the Himalayas in eastern Uttarakhand. It is surrounded by the thick forests of pine and fir trees. It was the seat of power of Chand Dynasty who ruled this land for almost one thousand years. Almora is the agricultural base and a trade center of dynamic activity.

How to reach here:

By Air: Nearest airport is the Pant Nagra airport which is 4hrs away.

By Rail: Nearest railway station is at Kathgodam station which is 91 Kms away.

Languages spoken: Hindi, Kumauni , Garhwali and English.

Best time to visit: April to June and September to November.

Must eat: Bal Mithai

Famous Restaurants: Bhagwati, Himsagar, Shikhar, shyam and Mount Heaven

Places you must visit:

Kasar Devi Temple is an anciet temple built on a mountain peak in the second century. The temple finds mention is in the second chapter of Skand Purana. It is said that Swami Vivekanand came here to meditate.

Bright End Corner is a place in Almora famous for its sunrise and sunset points. It is a place where one can listen to his soul in serenity and tranquility of the surrounding environment.

 Chitai temple has the presiding deity Lord Shiva , who is referred here by the name Lord Gollu. History says that this temple was built by a general of Chand dynasty. The temple is characterized by the number of bells hanging in the premises.These bells are hung by the devotees as an offering making a wish or as a thanksgiving for fulfilling the wish.

 Katarmal Sun Temple is the second important Sun temple in India, first being the Konark temple in Orissa.  This 800 year old temple complex has one main temple and surrounded by 45 smaller shrines. This temple has an unique architectural style and the images carved on the walls are intricately done.

 Almora fort is a valuable asset of Chand Dynasty given to the people. After the Indian Independence this fort was converted into District Collector's office. This fort is situated at the highest point at Almora bazaar.

 Lakhuudiyar is a host of prehistoric rock paintings of human beings , animals, lizards, group of dancers etc. Lakhuudiyar is said to exist since Bronze age.

 Phulseema and Pharkanauli  are other sets of beautiful rock paintings of Bronze age. Red lines over the rocks make these paintings peculiar.

Deer Park is a beautiful park for evening walks.

Nanda Devi Temple is the patron goddess of the local people and the erstwhile of Chand dynasty. Hundreds of year old, this temple carries deep faith of people from the area. The statues and images carved on the walls of the temple are intricately carved.

 Govind Vallabh Pant Public museum is the only museum in Almora which has rich collection of fascinating items relating to history, archaeology and ones having cultural significance.

 Binsar is a town located 30 Kms away from Almora , which is nestled among thick forest. It was the summer capital of the Chand Rajas. The Binsar wildlife sanctuary attracts tourists who are enthusiastic about viewing animals and birds.Binsar has an enchanting beauty that provides peace of mind and soul.

Jageshwar is a prestigious Hindu religious location near Almora. It is believed that it is an abode of one among the twelve Jyotirlingas. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place is considered sacred as the rivers Surabhi and Nandini flows down and join at this place. This place is renowned for having 124 temples. The oldest being the Mrityunjay temple and the biggest being the Dindeshwar temple. The temples are surrounded by luscious greenery of pine and fur forests. The architecture and the superb carvings reflect the cultural efficacy.


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