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Kanpur is the biggest city of the state of Uttar Pradesh , resting on the banks of river Ganga. Kanpur came into limelight after being transferred to the British by the Nawab of Awadh.It is one of the oldest Industrial township in North India.Kanpur is believed to have been founded by the Chandela dynasty from the state of Sachendi.One of the ancient stories revolve round the era of Mahabharat, where Duryodhan gifted this land to Karna for his bravery and strength to match up to Arjun. Initially named as Karnapur , the city became Kanpur down the years.

How to reach here:

By Air -Even though Kanpur has an airport with limited traffic, people prefer to use the Lucknow airport which is just 70 kms away.

By Rail - Fiver major railway stations. Kanpur central the main railway station lies in the cantt. area. It is connected to the major cities of India. Kanpur Anwarganj is the oldest railway station in Kanpur. It is connected to Lucknow, Allahabad, Mathura and Gorakhpur.Govind puri is the junction railway station, where the line is divided into two parths for Jhansi and New Delhi.Panki station is the stop for passenger trains only.Rawatpur is one of the main station in the city.

Best time to visit: October to March

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Avadhi and English.

Must Eat: Thaggu Ke Laddu , Badnaam Kulfi, egg roll and Biryani.

Famous Restaurants: Sarover, Orient, Mahek, Pandit and Kabab corner.

Places you must visit:

Shri Radhkrishna Temple or J.K Temple was built by J.K trust.This temple has five shrines each dedicated to Lord Radhkrishna, Lord Ardhnareswara, Lord Lakshminarayan, Lord Narmadeshwara and Lord Hanuman.It is a wonderful piece of Architecture and art made from white marble.This temple is an ideal destination for the people seeking solace and peace of mind.

Patthar Ghat is a center of Hindu pilgrimage situated on the banks of the river Ganga in Bithoor.This ghat, a bathing place for devotees is built of red stone by Tikait Rai the minister of Awadh state.A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands on the Ghat and is visited by many devotees.The unique feature of this temple is the Shivlinga made from philosopher's stone also known as Kasauti.

Jain Glass Temple is a beautiful temple highly decorated with glass and enamel work. It is constructed in the traditional old style architecture.It has mind blowing spread of ornate mirror work in and around the temple on the walls, floor and ceilings. The stained glass murals and paintings depict the Jain scriptures. The temple houses the statues of Lord Mahavira and 23 Jain Tirthankars on a huge pedestal.

Allen Forest Zoo is the largest open green space in Kanpur. It is the second largest zoo in Uttar Pradesh. Sir Allen, the botanist and the member of the Indian Civil Service, was the brain behind the concept of starting the zoological park in Kanpur in the year 1971.Nestled among picturesque surroundings amidst a variety of flora and fauna.

Allen Forest Zoo, Kanpur - Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Bhitargaon Temple is a brick temple belonging to the Gupta era. This 6th century ancient temple is set in mud mortar and is an example of skillful craftsmanship of workers who decorated the exteriors of the temple with intricate carvings on the brick and terracotta panels.The sanctum of the temple stands incomplete indicating the absence of an upper chamber that was struck by lightening and destroyed in the 18th century.

Valmiki Ashram is located on a hillock and it offers a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. The history of this Ashram dates back to the period of Indian epic Ramayan. Sita came to this hillock to stay during exile after being expelled from the kingdom by Lord Ram. It is the Ashram where Sita gave birth to his twin sons Luv and Kush. It is from this Ashram that Sita disappeared into the lap of mother Earth when requested by Lord Ram to come back to the Kingdom.

Nana Rao Park also known as Memorial Well commemorated the British women and children who had been massacred in a building on the site and their bodies dumped into a well in the grounds during the  Indian rebellion of 1857. This park was named after Nana Rao Peshwa who fought like a brave warrior  in the struggle for Independence.

Kanpur Memorial Church also known as All Souls Cathedral was built in the memory of all those British soldiers who lost their lives in the war of 1857.The church architecture reflects the Lombardic Gothic Style with bright red bricks used for construction.An architect of East Bengal railway, Walter Granville designed this church.

Jajmau ..the mound of Jajmau used to be the fort of the Hindu King Yayati during the ancient past dating back to 1600 A.D. The two temples of the Siddhanath and Siddha Devi reflects the historical times.There is also a mausoleum of the Sufi saint Makhdam Shah Ala-Ul-Haq erected by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 1358. Another ancient structure of importance is the mosque built in 1679 by Kulich Khan.

The Kamala Retreat is a museum resort built by the Singhania family. It has various historical and archaeological artifacts on display.With activities like swimming and boating, this retreat is a total hub for relaxation.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is a spectacular wildlife spread , an ideal gateway to the aspiring photographers and bird lovers.This sanctuary is a marshland with shallow lake nestled amidst the forest.This sanctuary hosts to a number of woodpeckers, coots, parakeets, shovellers, pochards, purple moorhen and common Teal.

Indian Institute of Technology is one of the five IIT's setup in 1959 in Kanpur. It provides education in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Science and Humanities.

Kanpur Sangrahalaya is an official museum in Kanpur. It is a store house of artifacts and exhibits that tells the story of events about people who have influenced the making of Kanpur city and tells many interesting details about the historical past of the city.

Massacre Ghat or Satti Chaura Ghat is located on the banks of river Ganga near Jajmau.This ghat has been an important maritime boarding point for the river route from Kanpur to Allahabad from pre colonial period.It was at this location that the initial momentous events of Indian Rebellion of 1857 took place.


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