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Gorakhpur and Kushinagar

Gorakhpur is a city in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh that borders Nepal. It is situated on the banks of rivers Rapti and Rohini and was earlier known as Ramgram and was the capital of Koliyas. Gorakhpur got its name from the famous saint Gorakhnath who lived and spread his message here. Gorakhpur is a place which has a prominent history of Indian Independence because it was here that the 'Chauri Chaura' incident took place when 19 British policemen were burnt inside the police station which prompted Gandhiji to give up the policy of non- cooperation.

How to reach here:

By Air- Daily fights to and from Delhi serves the airport.

By Rail- Gorakhpur Railway station connects to the other major cities of India.

Best time to visit: October to March.

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Bhojpuri and English.

Must Eat: Non-Vegetarian Mughlai cuisine.

Famous Restaurants: Sip-n-Bite, Richy Rich, Rahi Kutir N28, Oasis, Angeethi, Bobies and Mr. Cook's.

Places you must Visit:

Gorakhnath Temple is named after Saint Gorakhnath who attained prosperity in this city and also influenced devotees with his teachings.It is said that this temple is erected at this spot where Gorakhnath did meditation in Treta Yug.The temple's structure and form was transformed over a period of times. Many attempts were made to destroy this temple during the times of Mughal Emperors.

Gita Press is one of the world's largest publishers of Hindu religious texts. It was founded in 1923 by Jaya Dayal Goyanka for promoting the principles of Sanatan Dharma.It is believed that during his sadhana, he got his inspiration from Lord Krishna to Live Gita, to spread its teachings, broadcast Nishkama Karmayog and thus motivate the people to adopt the same as philosophy of life.A must see at the Gita Press is the beautiful sculpture of Lord Krishna on a Chariot and Lord Krishna giving sermon to Arjuna.

File:Gita Press, Gorakhpur.gif

Arogya Mandir is a naturopathy center.It was established in the year 1940 by Dr. Vithal Das Modi who graduated from the Banaras Hindu University.In this health rejuvenation camp body and mind related ailments are treated following natural curative methods and yoga in their original form. Accommodation facility is available for people who come from far away distances.

Maghar is a place where a mystic poet and a well known saint left his body in January 1518.The Hindus and Muslims had a conflict whether to burn his body or bury him. Saint Kabir's body disappeared replacing with the heap of flowers. These flowers were then divided into half and were distributed among the Hindus and Muslims.The Hindus burnt and built a samadhi mandir at that place whereas the Muslims buried it and built a Makbara at that place.Behind the Samadhi- Makbara there is a cave where saint Kabir used to perform his deep Tapasya.

Kushinagar is a place 51 kms away from Gorakhpur. It is a place where Gautam Buddha attained Salvation.He delivered his last sermon in this city.

Places you must visit:

Mahaparinirvana Stupa is a must place to visit in Kushinagar.This site is located right above the spot where Lord Buddha is said to have finally rested.It is surrounded by ruins of ancient monasteries.

Nirvana Temple houses the statue of reclining Lord Buddha which is 6 meters long.It is believed that this statue represents the very last moments of Lord Buddha before he attained Mahaparinirvana.The sculpture was unearthed during the excavations of 1876.Carved from Chunar sandstone , the statue represents dying Buddha reclining on his right side. An inscription below dates the statue from the fifth century AD.


Ramabhar Stupa is one of the sacred shrines of Buddhism.It is the site where Lord Buddha was cremated and got Mahaparinirvana.This stupa is 50 feet in height and stands on a mound.

Japanese Temple is one of the most beautiful temple in Kushinagar. A magnificient 'Ashta Dhatu' or 'Eight Metals' statue of Lord Buddha marks this temple.The statue was bought from Japan and was established in this temple.The temple consists of a single circular chamber, housing an image of Buddha, softly lit through  small stained glass window.


Wat Thai Temple has been laid out on a lush green lawn that is spread in several acres of land.The temple was designed to serve as a Forest-monastery.This temple was erected to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebration of His Majestic King Bhumibol's accession to the throne of Thailand.

Chinese Temple is famous for its distinct architecture. The architecture is predominantly 'Hans Chinese'. The exteriors of the temple have a subtle fusion of Chinese and Vietnamese architecture.A beautiful statue of Chinese Buddha marks the temple.

MathaKaut Temple is famous for the black stone image of Buddha ina a 'Bhumi Sparsh Mudra' means 'Kneel down posture'.the statue has been carved down of the stones from the hills that surround Bodh Gaya. This pose has a deep meaning attached to it.It symbolically expresses the supreme moment in Buddha's life just before his Enlightenment, when he called upon the Earth to bear witness to the pieties performed by him in his previous birth.

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