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Mathura a city in Uttar Pradesh, is considered as one of the holiest cities in India located 145 Kms south east of Delhi. It is the birthplace of Lord Shri Krishna. According to the Mahabharata and Bhagvat Purana, Mathura was the capital of Surasena Kingdom, ruled by Kansa (maternal uncle of Lord Krishna).

How to reach here:

By Air: The nearest Airport is Kheria, 62 Kms away from Mathura.

By Rail: Four Railway stations- Mathura junction being the biggest one connecting to major parts of West, North and Southern India. Mathura Cantt. connects to eastern Uttar Pradesh. Bhooteshwar serves for local trains for Delhi, Agra and Alwar. Krishnajanmabhoomi connects to Vrindavan.

Best time to Visit:November to March.

Languages spoken: Braj, Hindi and English.

Must Eat: Mathura Peda, Kurchan, Rabri, and Lassi.

Famous Restaurants: Pind Balluchi, Lazeez, Big Munch and Dawaat.

Places you must visit:

Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir is the place where Lord Krishna was born thousands of years ago. According to historians, the Garbha Griha (prison cell) in the temple premise is the exact place whre Krishna was born.


Dwarkadheesh Temple a sacred abode of Lord Krishna was built by Seth Gokuldas Parekh in 1814. During the festivals of Holi, Janmashtami and Diwali the temple is decorated on a grand scale.

Gita Mandir is a holy shrine where the entire text of Gita is inscribed on its precincts. The temple architecture has excellent craftsmanship with exquisite paintings and carving.

Vishram Ghat is a worship place on the banks of river Yamuna where Lord Krishna is believed to have rested after slaying  tyrant Kansa.

Govt. Museum (Mathura) was originally founded by F.S Growse in 1874. Rare items from Gupta and Kushan period (400 B.C. - 1200 A.D.) are on display.

Jama Masjid was built by Abo-inNabir-Khan, the Governor of Aurangzeb in 1661 A.D. The mosque has four huge intricately decorated minarets. 

Raja Bharatpur's Palace exhibits a perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal  architectural sites.The central hall of the palace has been converted into a museum where the royal artifacts are displayed.

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