Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bangalore Gunjur Sanaischara
Oh my Lord Sani Deva


Gunjur is one of the beautiful village in the outskirts of Bangalore near Varthur. Gunjur is located 6km distance from Whitefield and 12 km from Marathahalli Bridge.  From Varthur to Gunjur further to Sarjapur still one can see the cultivation. Since the area is surrounded with tranquility, realtors now see the potential and making the area non tranquility by constructing villas and multi storey apartments. 

It is fortunate to have Sanaischara temple in this village, always Sanaischara is fond of Greenaries. Along with Sanaischara a Viswaroopa Anjaneya and Kasi Annapoorneswari. Navagraha is the highlight in this temple.

How to Reach - If devotees come from Sarjapur road towards Greenwood high school, a few distance from Greenwood, temple can be seen in the right, if you come from Whitefield, cross Varthur lake, market and drive 3 kms, you can see in the left.

Jay Agni Sanaischaraa

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