Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bangalore Kacharakahalli Sanaischara
Om Sanaischara

O, Shani Deva! You Are The Lord Of The Universe, Embodiment Of Truth, Path of Discipline, We Prostrate To Your Feet, Our Divine Master!

You command the elements of Nature to bow to Your Will and get shaped into the vast and variegated Universe. You have no beginning and no end. When the entire Universe was submerged in flood, You took form of Varaahaa and lifted it from its embryonic state, caused it to multiply into variegated species. 

To establish and continue the noble tradition of the Divine Personality (Mahatma), You incarnated on Earth as Venkateswara, Karupannasamy, Neelavanna and many more, born as son to Lord Surya and Chaya, sibled with Yama, partnered with Neela. You are the Absolute Reality, guarding us as closely as the eye-lid guards the eye. We prostrate and surrender before You, the King of All Kings and Supreme Judge.

This temple is located between Chanasandra (Whitefield) and Chikkatirupathi route. From Chanasandra it is 4 kms distance.The temple was constructed in January 2012.

Jay Appu Sanaischaraa

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